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We are hereby committed to protect your personal data when engaging in processing them. Before sending your personal data, we encourage you to read this policy, which will provide information on the manner in which our company processes the personal data as part of the process of providing our services.


Which of your personal data do we collect and how do we process your personal data?

The company “ADIX TECHNIK” S.R.L. with registered office in Oradea, Judetul Bihor, Strada Matei Corvin, nr.30, biroul 5, having the tax identification code 25191470, registration number with the Bihor Trade Registry Office J05/302/2009, duly represented by Laszlo Miklos Zoltan, as Director, is a provider of transport and logistics services („Services”). The entity you have contacted is the personal data operator in connection to the personal data it has received and processed in connection to you, as part of providing Services to you.

Whenever you contact the company “ADIX TECHNIK” S.R.L., we will process the information, including the personal data you have revealed or the details on sending them, such as your surname, first name, phone number, post mail address or email address. We are recommending that you must never reveal sensitive personal data, such as those that would indicate your racial or ethnical origin, religion, trade union membership, sexual orientation, health, etc.

The company “ADIX TECHNIK” S.R.L. can also receive personal data on you from other data operators with the aim of the company “ADIX TECHNIK” S.R.L. providing Services or assistance, through the Services or requests to or from you as the end beneficiary of a particular Service.

The company “ADIX TECHNIK” S.R.L. will process your personal data according to the legislation in force. Please remember that the personal data can be processed according to different legal grounds, such as consent, agreement, legal obligation, protection and pursue of legitimate interests, etc. The legitimate interest might be for purposes connected to the Service/product and marketing purposes.

If in extraordinary circumstances you would provide to the company “ADIX TECHNIK” S.R.L. personal data classified as sensitive personal data, “ADIX TECHNIK” S.R.L. is bound to process those sensitive personal data only according to the applicable legislation, thus that your express consent will be required first.


Why do we collect and process your personal data?

Your personal data are processed first for meeting the partnership you have concluded with the company “ADIX TECHNIK” S.R.L. or with the client company “ADIX TECHNIK” S.R.L. or upon your request, for doing everything possible for solving your requests (for example, when filling in a contact form, as part of a record or of an opinion poll) or by law or as the applicable laws can provision, including the applicable laws on personal data protection.

Your personal data are processed by the company “ADIX TECHNIK” S.R.L. for the next purposes:

• for meeting the legal obligations the company “ADIX TECHNIK” S.R.L. has in connection to processing your request submitted by your account or by the website or for engaging in the checks and formalities linked to the order you have placed on the website belonging to the company “ADIX TECHNIK” S.R.L;

• for unfolding the contractual relation between our company and you, including for fulfilling the sale-purchase agreement, sending the invoice for the products and distributing them, sending the mail to you, recovering the possible receivables, as well as for protecting any legitimate interest our company has, in an administrative or judicial manner, for receivable assignment to third parties, as well as for managing your requests and for complying with the legal requirements on archives;

• for direct marketing and advertisement activities for the products of ADIX TECHNIK or of the partners/affiliate companies of ADIX TECHNIK (e.g. product offers), by promoting the most suitable products and services of our company or of our partners/affiliate companies, including sending by our company a commercial newsletter for that. Whenever requested by law, you can give your express consent in connection to using your personal data for that purpose;

• for determining and assessing your interests and preferences, by the use of automated and/or non-automated means, with the aim of sending customized offers. By giving your consent, at the time of checking the adequate box in the Terms and Conditions on the website, you agree that the company ADIX TECHNIK will use IT means that do not involve a human and that could lead to legal effects in your relation with the company or that could lead to certain effects with a significant impact in your relation with the company. Processing your data for that purpose has the benefit of providing a service as close to your needs and interests as possible, as well as of suggesting some choices in connection to the products/services of the company ADIX TECHNIK;

• for assessing your satisfaction degree on the products/services of ADIX TECHNIK;

• for drafting some statistical analyses that do not involve creating individual profiles.


Legal grounds of processing the personal data

Processing personal data for the purposes indicated above relies on

• the legal obligations ADIX TECHNIK has as consequence of the legal provisions that apply to it;

• concluding and enforcing the sale-purchase agreement concluded with ADIX TECHNIK;

• the legitimate interest of ADIX TECHNIK to promote its products and/or services;

• your consent in connection to the marketing/advertisement activities and other processing for which the legislation in this area provisions that the companies must acquire the clients’ consents.

If you have given your consent on a certain processing of data, you are entitled to withdraw that consent at any time.


For how long do we store your personal data?

Your personal data are processed as long as necessary for meeting the purposes mentioned above and according to the legislation in force, particularly if you have concluded an agreement with the company ADIX TECHNIK or ADIX TECHNIK has received personal data on you from its clients with whom you have concluded an agreement.

The personal data are stored with the aim of processing them for the term required in view of meeting the processing purposes mentioned above and subsequently, according to the requirements from our internal policies and according to the legal requirements.


To whom do we share your personal data?

Your personal data can be shared to certain service suppliers or service agents and providers.

Any third party supplier used by ADIX TECHNIK will be bound to process your personal data only according to the instructions given to it by the company ADIX TECHNIK and to keep your personal data reasonably secure.

As well, ADIX TECHNIK can send your personal data to third party suppliers, such as transport companies, with the aim of offering its Services.

In certain circumstances and according to the legislation, there might be necessary to reveal the data to the authorities. As well, we may reveal your personal data for setting out, fulfilling or defending our legal rights.

If the activity of the company ADIX TECHNIK is reorganized or completely sold, revealing your personal data, if applicable, will take place according to the legislation that applies at certain times, which regulates the processing of personal data.

Your personal data can be sent to other companies of the ADIX TECHNIK group, if applicable. Such group companies include companies located in countries outside the EU/EES, which cannot ensure the same data protection level as the countries in the EU/EES.

Before transferring your personal data to other companies of the ADIX TECHNIK group or to third parties located outside the EU/EES, the relevant entity of ADIX TECHNIK will conclude a transfer agreement with that beneficiary, according to the standard contractual provisions of the European Commission, with the aim of ensuring an adequate level of data protection in connection to such transfers outside the EU/EES.

Considering the fulfilling of the personal data processing purposes, ADIX TECHNIK can reveal the data collected like that to its contractual partners, affiliate companies, persons authorized to process your personal data on behalf of the company ADIX TECHNIK or to the central/local authorities, in the next circumstances:

• for managing, maintaining, customizing and improving this website and the services conveyed by it;

• for the company ADIX TECHNIC meeting some contractual obligations, such as customer relation services, printing and sending invoices, etc.;

• if that revealing would be necessary for awarding prizes or other facilities, which were obtained as consequence of participating in various advertising games or competitions or in other campaigns unfolded by ADIX TECHNIK ;

• in the case of some advertising campaigns organized by ADIX TECHNIK together with various contractual partners or affiliate companies of ADIX TECHNIK ;

• for analyzing the data, testing and researching, monitoring the use and activity trend, developing the safety traits and authorizing the users;

• for sending advertising/marketing materials according to the conditions and limits provisioned by law;

• when revealing the personal data is provisioned by law.

How do we protect your rights?

Any consent you have given during the process can be withdrawn at any time by sending a message (please refer to the contact information below).

As well, you have the right to access the personal data processed in connection to you, provided certain legal exceptions apply. More, you can challenge the collection and subsequent processing of your personal data. Additionally, you are entitled to request that any processing be [text lipsa].

ADIX TECHNIK is doing everything in its power for protecting the personal data belonging to its partners. Considering the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25, 2018, we are ensuring you of the fact that the company ADIX TECHNIK will strictly observe all new rules provisioned and the confidential data for processing the personal data, which you can read at any time.

Whenever using your personal data, ADIX TECHNIK will apply the necessary technical and organization approaches for ensuring their safety, protecting them against accidental or illegal destruction, modification, revealing or unauthorized accessing them.


What does personal data mean?

When you contact ADIX TECHNIK, information is exchanged. Among them, there can be personal data such as surname, first name, phone numbers, email addresses, transport details, pickup or delivery addresses.

ADIX TECHNIK wishes to continue to process your personal data for sending you information connected to the price offers, transport phase, invoicing and any other information required for the adequate unfolding of the partnership between our companies.


Who should you contact?

If you wish to exercise any of your rights or if you have any questions on this confidentiality policy or on processing your personal data, you can contact us at


E-mail address:

Phone number: 0769591171