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The company ADIX TECHNIK S.R.L.  forbids the using of the email service if it would lead to sending, sharing and delivering unrequested messages by electronic mail or unrequested commercial messages (“SPAM”) and also, if the messages you are sending by the service provided

– do not use and do not comprise incorrect or forged headers;

– do not use and do not comprise incorrect or inexistent domain names;

– do not use any kind of technique for damaging, hiding or obstructing by other means any identification information of the point of origin or sending path;

– do not use other deceiving sending means;

– do not use Internet domain name belonging to some third parties and are not sent by or from the equipment belonging to a third party, without having its permission;

– do not comprise in the subject line false or misleading information and do not present in any other manner false content or that can mislead the persons;

– do not comply with the additional technical standards described below;

– do not breach the Services Agreement in another manner.

The company ADIX TECHNIK S.R.L. does not license collecting, analyzing or gathering email addresses or other information from or by the service. The company ADIX TECHNIK S.R.L.  does not allow and does not authorize for other persons to use the service for collecting, compiling or obtaining information on the clients or subscribers, including and without limitation to them, email addresses of the subscribers, which is confidential information with the property rights of the company ADIX TECHNIK S.R.L. Using the service complies with the Confidentiality Declaration and Service Agreement of the company ADIX TECHNIK S.R.L.

The company ADIX TECHNIK S.R.L. does not allow and does not authorize any kind of attempt to use the service in a manner that would damage, deactivate, overstretch or harm in any way the service or that would interfere with the complete using of the service by any other party.

If the company ADIX TECHNIK S.R.L. believes that such an unauthorized and inadequate using of any service occurs, it can implement the measures it thinks fit, without any prior notice, according to its own reasoning, among which blocking the messages from a certain Internet domain, the email server or the IP address.

The company ADIX TECHNIK S.R.L. can suppress at once any account of any service, when it finds, according to its own reasoning, that an email message is being sent or there is any connection to such an email message which breaches this policy. Nothing in this policy is intended to grant any right to send or share email messages by or to the service. Failure to impose this policy in all circumstances does not mean that the company ADIX TECHNIK S.R.L. has waived its rights to do so. 

Unauthorized using of the service in connection to sending unrequested email messages, including email messages that breach this policy, can result in civil, criminal and administrative punishments against the sender and partners.