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The content of this website cannot be used, copied, shared, transmitted, exposed for other purposes than those expressly and legally permitted. Extracting any information followed by any commercial use that surpasses the private copy domain, which the law regulates, or for selling or licensing it, without holding the prior written consent of the persons holding the copyright is a breach of the terms and conditions. You also agree not to damage and not to interfere in any way with the website’s security features, the elements preventing or restricting the using, copying of the content or elements that consolidate the using limits of the website or its content.


Website content – Overview

If the website content, regardless of the area where it is located on the website and regardless of its type, is taken over by the Website’s Administrator from other content or text, image, graphic element, video sequence producers / issuers, but without limitation to those elements, such a taking over must occur while observing the legal provisions and the rules that apply to those cases. The users understand and accept that the Website’s Administrator is exonerated of any liability on the materials, data and information, but without limitation to them, which were taken over from any official sources, including those that were published to the aim and having the character of “press releases”. The users understand and accept that all information, data, and materials posted on the Website are only provided as information and orientation, and that the Website’s Administrator cannot be held liable in any case and in any way for the genuineness and validity of the Website’s Content or for any legal effects that derive from using it. The users are bound to observe all the copyright and rights connected to it and any other intellectual property rights that the Website’s Administrator and its partners have on / in connection to the website, and its Content, the Service, any of their modules or components or in connection to using them. The users understand and accept that if any of the provisions above will be breached, to any degree, the authors / owners of the Website’s Content will be held liable. The Website’s Content, regardless of the area where it is located in the Website and regardless of its type, can be used only for personal purposes, which are defined according to this document as being purely non-commercial purposes, without any direct or indirect intention on obtaining profit or gains from any such use. Any use of the content by third parties for other purposes than the personal ones will take place only while having the written express prior consent of the Website’s Administrator. It is forbidden to copy, take over, reproduce, publish, transmit, sell, totally or partially share the content of this Website or any part of it, for other purposes than the personal ones, be it completely or amended. The Website’s Administrator reserves the right to sue any natural person and / or legal person that breaches the provisions above in any way. The requests for using the Website’s content for other purposes than the personal ones will be sent by any of the manners indicated in the Website’s Contact page. Any person sending in any way information or materials to the Website accepts full responsibility not to damage in any way the copyright that a third party might call upon in connection to the materials and information sent in any way to the Website, and the persons sending in any way information or materials understand and accept that breaching that obligation in any way cannot lead to determining the liability of the Website’s Administrator in any way, but only the liability of those persons. The users sending in any way information or materials to the Website agree to assign exclusively, on an unlimited term and for all territories, at the time of sending them to the Website’s Administrator, all using, adjusting, amending and/or resending rights on the content that they share or post on the Website. The Website’s Administrator cannot be deemed liable for the possible damages caused by the content posted on the Website by any person, regardless of which section, service or facility that content is part of. It is strictly forbidden to post on the Website any content, including materials, comments, images, video sequences, but without limitation, that have obscene or vulgar language, comprise illegal, threatening, abusive, or indecent texts, racist or chauvinistic messages or messages that could discriminate any person in any way or that could breach any other rights and freedoms of the man according to the legislation now in force. The users understand and accept that if any of the provisions in the Terms and Conditions are breached in any way and to any degree, the Website’s Administrator might choose to totally or partially suspend the User’s access to any Service on the Website, at its discretion, or to refuse to publish any content sent by the User with the aim of having its posted on the Website or to amend in any way any such content, to finally forbid the access to one or several of the facilities of the Website or to terminate the User’s account on the Website, without any prior warning or notices and without the need for any other formalities concerning that. The users understand and accept that the Website provides only a communication platform and that they are the sole responsible for any materials, data and information posted on the Website regardless of the form in which and part where they are posted (for example, blog, avatar, comments, etc., but without limit to those elements) and for any legal and/or commercial effects that derive from them.



The contents on our websites are protected by the copyright and laws on trademarks and they belong to their owners. Except for the case when it is indicated otherwise, you can access and use the information within the Websites for person purposes. You cannot change, amend, erase, post, send, adjust, exploit or copy for sharing or selling any information, materials, trademarks, copyright or on other websites. You must obtain our written permission or the permission any other entity holding the intellectual property on our websites prior to publishing, sharing, posting or commercially exploiting any material on the websites. By using the Website, you agree to observe all the notices on the copyright or other restrictions posted. The content and graphic elements of the Website, including but without limitation to them, the entire text content and any other material, sent by and to the Users, under any form (by directly viewing it on the Website, by newsletters or by any other materials connected directly or indirectly to the Website) belong to the Website’s Administrator and represent the content of the Website. As a derogation from the prior provisions, those materials for which another copyright holder was indicated on the Website or another holding or another source do not belong to the Website’s Administrator, and nor do the opinions and/or comments of any kind expressed by the Website’s Users in connection to the materials of any kind posted on the Website or in connection to the website’s content.



 These using terms apply only to our Website. We hold no responsibility for the content, publicity, products or other materials made available for any other website, including those that you bookmark. In any way, we will not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage, which is caused or presumably caused in connection to using any content, goods or services available on any other website. It is forbidden to create links to other websites from this website or from this website to other websites, without having a prior written consent. We reserve the right to annul any license granted for connection to our websites and to request that such a connection ends to any website, at any time. The users understand and accept that the Website can contain links or referrals to other Internet websites, including personal websites (blogs), websites of the product and/or service providers to which the advertisement banners posted on the Website refer, or advertisement micro websites, but without limitation to them, which the Website’s Administrator deem useful in connection to the Website’s Content, but which are not under its control or guidance. The Website’s Administrator is exempted of any liability in connection to the content or opinions expressed on all Internet websites indicated above, as well as for their accuracy and exactness, and the Users understand and accept that those websites are not monitored, controlled or checked in any way by the Website’s Administrator. Including a connection or referral to other Internet websites does not involve any approval on them by the Website’s Administrator. At the time when the Users enter those websites, they do so on their own risk, being aware that using the services provided by those websites is subject to the conditions that the administrators of those websites have set out.



 We are welcoming your comments for the website. Nevertheless, we will not review or consider any remarks or suggestions, which have not been requested, on topics connected to our seminars or our products. We hope that you will understand that our policy is meant to avoid the possibility of future misunderstanding if the ideas developed by our staff could resemble the ideas that you have submitted. As consequence, please do not send any creative original ideas, suggestions or materials of that type. If despite our request you will send any idea, suggestion or material, it will become our property. If you will send something and it will be unrequested, we will be the exclusive holders of all international rights and we will be entitled to use them freely, without any compensation and without notifying the supplier. Considering that, please do not send any creative projects, particularly those that are confidential or proprietary to you.



A “forum” means any chat room, discussions room, comments board or review guide or other interactive services enlisted on any of the websites and it includes both kinds of information: public and private. You must become registered according to the instructions that you will find on the websites, with the aim of contributing to any forum. It is forbidden to send to any user, owned website or to our staff any material that is abusive, vulgar, threatening, harassing, offensive, defamatory, obscene, which invades the intimacy of a person, breaches any intellectual property rights or other property rights or that breaches any law, on the contrary. It is not allowed to use the discussions for commercial purposes. It is forbidden to post materials that request funds or that engage in advertising or request goods or services. It is forbidden to post materials deemed as false. It is forbidden to post or send any information material, software or other kind of items, which comprises a virus or other damaging components. We are not responsible for the material posted on the Websites, except for the articles that one of our representative persons sign. We are not responsible for the articles posted by the users, which are offensive, obscene, invade the privacy, and breach the copyright or the trademark rights. We reserve the right to amend or eliminate messages or other materials, which we believe to be unacceptable, offensive, abusive, defamatory, obscene, obsolete or otherwise. We also reserve the right to edit the materials due to any other reasons. Regardless whether we will amend or eliminate such materials, the users remain the sole responsible for the content of their messages or posts. By posting on websites, you allow the owner the rights granted to it expressly: we and/or the relevant companies affiliated at world level, a perpetual non-exclusive right to use the questions, comments and posts, be they original or edited, within the TV shows, books, articles, comments or in any other environment now known or that will be developed later. As well, you must guarantee that you hold or you control in another manner all rights for the content that you publically post and that by using such a content, we will not breach the rights of any other third parties. Furthermore, we are guaranteeing that the “moral rights” deriving from the materials posted have been lifted. There is no compensation for any materials that you will post on websites.


Limit of liability

The Website’s Administrator does not accept the obligation and does not supply any guarantees, implicitly or explicitly for the content, of any kind, of the Website or for the entire content provided by the Users. The Website’s Administrator will undergo all reasonable efforts for ensuring the accuracy and trustworthiness of the Website and it will try to rectify the errors and the omissions as soon as possible. The Website’s Administrator provides no guarantees or liability for the Website’s Content and it cannot be held liable in any case for any loss or damage that could derive from using any part, sequence, module of the Website’s Content or from the impossibility to use it, regardless of its cause or due to the wrongful interpretation of any provisions of the Website’s Content. The users understand and accept that supplying the Service could be affected by certain objective conditions, as well as that any services provided by the Website are provided “as is”, “as available”, and the Users use those services on their own liability. As consequence, the Website’s Administrator cannot be held liable on any information and data from the Website’s Content, including but not limited to those on the text, images, video sequences, avatars, blogs or any other activity connected to using, as well as for any other legal effect that derives from them. The users understand and accept that the Website’s Administrator is excepted of any liability if any cessation, interruption, difficulty to use, dysfunction or error occurs in the operation of the Website, if a technical error or any kind of errors would occur in the provision of the Service, as well as in the case when it would not be precisely proven that any errors or problems of a technical nature, among those indicated above, are directly and exclusively due to the severe fault of the Website’s Administrator. Expressly, the Users understand and accept that the Website’s Administrator is exempted of any liability for any kind of direct or indirect damages including, but without limitation to profit loss, commercial adequacy or other intangible loss, deriving from using the Service or any other aspect in connection to the Service, as well as from using the Website’s Content in any manner or any legal effects deriving from that. The users understand and accept that the Website’s Administrator is exempted of any liability for the advertising messages posted on the Website or by the Service, as well as for the goods or services supplied by the authors of those advertising messages. In the force majeure cases, the Website’s Administrator and/or the operators, directors, employees, branches, offices and their representatives are completely exonerated of liability. The force majeure cases include, but are not limited to them, operation errors of the technical equipment of the Website’s Administrator, lack of Internet connection, lack of phone connection, IT viruses, IT attacks of any kind and the interference with malware, unauthorized access to the Website’s systems, operation errors, strike, etc. The Users agree to protect, to insure and to compensate completely the Website’s Administrator and/or the operators, directors, employees, branches, office and their representatives for and against any requests, claims, lawsuits, taxation, loss, damages, costs (including, without any limitation, the fees of attorneys at law, experts and consultants or those of the executors, judicial taxes, notary fees or enforcement fees), court of law expenses, lawsuits, decisions, fines, regulations or any obligations deriving from or relating to any other action of the User in connection to using the Service or any other aspect connected to the Service.

Under no circumstance, including but without limitation to neglect, we or any of our licensors or suppliers will not be held liable for any special or indirect damage that derives from using or the inability to use materials or information on the Websites or any products or services supplied according to the Websites, even if it was informed of the possibility of such damages. The applicable law cannot allow limiting or excluding the responsibility or incidental or consequence damages (including, but without limitation to loss data), thus that the limitation above or exclusion will not apply to you. We and our licensors or suppliers will not be liable for all damages, loss and case of action (be it according to the agreement, damage or otherwise), which surpass the amount that you paid to us, if applicable, for entering the websites. In any circumstance, we will not be liable or responsible, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage, which is caused or presumably caused for you in connection to you using any counselling, products or services that you received from a speaker invited to our Websites or to one of our events. As well, we are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage, which is caused or presumably caused by our guests, in connection to posting their photographs, name or resume written on our Websites or in our marketing materials. We only provide educational advice. The information on the website or made available by the websites (including, but without limitation to the information contained in the message, in text files or in chat rooms) are not exhaustive and cannot replace the services of the professionals trained in any area including, but without limitation to financial, medical, psychological, legal etc. aspects. We and our licensors or suppliers do not provide any declaration or warranty on any information, action, or application of solutions as consequence of the information provided or supplied on or by the Websites. We, our partners or any of our affiliate partners will not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, exemplary or other kind of damages, which might deriver including regardless whether they are economic or educational loss. You are the sole liable and sole responsible for the decisions, actions and real life results and by using the website, you agree and become liable for any such decisions, actions or results, at any time and in any circumstance.


Governing law

The Litigations, Rights and obligations of the User and those of the Website’s Administrator, which the Terms and Conditions provision, as well as all legal effects that the Terms and Conditions cause, will be construed by and governed according to the Romanian law in force. Any litigation deriving from or in connection to the Terms and Conditions will be solved in an amicable manner. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the litigation will be solved by the competent Romanian court of law near the territory of the Website’s Administrator.  


Confidentiality and non-competition

Each User of our Website must understand that the tools, processes, strategies, materials and information on our websites are protected by copyright and ownership, thus that the user must become bound not to register, copy, share, or multiply our information, in any manner, without having our written consent. Any unauthorized use or distribution of our concepts, of the Websites, materials and of any materials protected by intellectual property, by you or your representatives is forbidden and it will lead to requesting full compensations before a court of law.

The Website’s Administrator makes permanent efforts for maintaining the accuracy of the information on the website, but it can comprise inaccuracies (specifications or price of the products, which the producer amended without any warning or affected by operating errors). Warning! The photographs are provided for information purposes only and they can display accessories that are not include in the standard packages.


Duration/closing down the account

After its creation, the account remains valid for an undetermined period or until you will decide to close it or as applicable, until a date when the Administrator will submit a prior notice by email and then will cease the provision of that service. The life time access is defined thus: the entire lifetime of the client or the entire duration of the services provided.

The right to use the account that you created ends by default when you breach the provisions of this Agreement. In that case, you are the sole responsible for all the expenses corresponding to the account after closing it, too. The Administrator is not liable for the data / information loss caused by closing down your account.


Product delivery

The products and services will be delivered only in an electronic form. Any products delivered physically are deemed presents and are not mandatory included in the basic products.


Quality warranty and Reimbursing the money

Any client can request that the money that he/she has paid for the goods and services purchased be reimbursed in 14-calendar days, due to any reasons, according to the laws in force. The sellers must reimburse to the clients the price of the product in 14-day time of the time when they have terminated the sale-purchase agreement, according to the laws in force.