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Terms and conditions

1. Use terms and conditions

2. Unfolding the online sale operations

3. Payment manner

4. Return policy

5. Delivery terms

6. Confidentiality policy

7. Legal information

8. Processing the personal data

1. USE TERMS AND CONDITIONS This website (hereinafter named the “WEBSITE”) is managed by SC ADIX TECHNIK SRL (hereinafter named the “COMPANY”), with registered office in Oradea, str. Matei Corvin, nr. 30, jud. Bihor, having the tax registration code RO25191470, registered with the Trade Registry Office under no. J05/302/2009, phone number 0359-418-890. The COMPANY does everything in its power for maintaining correct information on this WEBSITE. Nevertheless, considering possible errors in connection to such information, the COMPANY states that the images depicting the products are provided for information purposes only, and the delivered products might differ of those images in any way given the modification of traits or design without a prior notice issued by the producers. As well, some traits or the price of the products on the WEBSITE can be altered by the COMPANY without any notice or they might comprise operation errors.

As well, due to reasons connected to space and coherence of information structure, sometimes the descriptions of products might lack information, but the COMPANY does everything in its power for presenting the most relevant information. The promotions/offers on the WEBSITE are valid while stocks last. The WEBSITE can comprise links to other WEBSITES, too. The COMPANY is not liable for the confidentiality policy enforced by them or for any other piece of information indicated on such WEBSITES. In this document, the next terms used while being written in capital letters will have the meanings indicated below, unless the context provides otherwise: USER: this is the person entering the WEBSITE for private or professional purposes, and who has accepted the Use Conditions of this WEBSITE, fulfilling for that all requirements of the registration process. CLIENT: this is the person entering the WEBSITE for private or professional purposes and who has accepted the Use Conditions of this WEBSITE, fulfilling for that all requirements of the registration process, and who has placed and completed an order.

ABUSIVE USE: it is using the WEBSITE in a manner against the practice in this area, the regulations and legislation in force or in any other manner that could damage the company SC ADIX TECHNIK SRL. ORDER: it is an electronic document generated as consequence of a CLIENT entering the WEBSITE, which then becomes the communication form between the COMPANY and the CLIENT. It is an ORDER confirmed by the COMPANY, by which the COMPANY agrees to deliver to the CLIENT products and services, while the CLIENT agrees to pay for them. USERS/CLIENTS of this WEBSITE are kindly asked to carefully read the next use terms and conditions. The next terms and conditions are deemed minimum applicable provisions and using the WEBSITE is de jure subject to the general provisions of the legislation in force. The use terms and conditions can be altered anytime by updating the content of this WEBSITE. Such modifications become mandatory and enter in force immediately for all USERS/CLIENTS.

By entering the WEBSITE, the USERS agree to observe the terms and conditions presented next, as well as the applicable legislation.

2. UNFOLDING THE ONLINE SALE OPERATIONS AGREEMENT By placing an ORDER on the WEBSITE, the CLIENT agrees with the communication form (phone or email) by which the COMPANY unfolds its online operations. The CLIENT will send to the COMPANY all the identification information of the company he or she represents, in connection to its registered office, tax registration code, registration number with the Trade Registry Office, phone number, bank and bank account. If the COMPANY confirms an ORDER, that will involve its complete acceptance of the terms of the ORDER. The COMPANY accepting the order will be deemed completed when the COMPANY has sent to the CLIENT an electronic confirmation (email), without the need of the CLIENT confirming it. The COMPANY does not deem an unconfirmed ORDER as being equal to an AGREEMENT.

Thus, the AGREEMENT enters in force when the COMPANY has confirmed the ORDER. SUBJECT MATTER OF THE AGREEMENT The subject matter of the AGREEMENT is the product/products and services in connection to which the CLIENT has indicated his/her purchase choice, by generating an ORDER on the WEBSITE, which the COMPANY has confirmed.

The product/products has/have the traits indicated by the COMPANY on the WEBSITE. PRICE OF THE AGREEMENT The price of the product/products is indicated on the WEBSITE. The COMPANY can alter the price at any time, without a notice. For it to apply, the price of the product must be honest and serious. Thus, the COMPANY warns that there are case when, following some errors of the WEBSITES, the price indicated on the WEBSITE may not be the real one. In those cases, the COMPANY will inform the CLIENT on the correct price. DELIVERY MANNER The COMPANY will fulfill its contractual obligations in 30 days at the most of the date when it has sent to the CLIENT its confirmation message on the ORDER. If it cannot fulfill the AGREEMENT because the product is not available, the COMPANY will inform the CLIENT of that. The COMPANY can deliver to the CLIENT a similar product in exchange of the same price if the product the CLIENT has requested is unavailable, but only after having informed and obtained the consent of the CLIENT. The product will be delivered to the CLIENT by a courier company.

3. PAYMENT MANNER The price, payment manner and payment term are indicated in the ORDER.

The COMPANY will issue to the CLIENT an invoice for the products and services that will be delivered. The CLIENT will be bound to provide all necessary information for issuing the invoice according to the legislation in force. Cash payment: Cash payment will be made directly to the courier company based on a receipt. The COMPANY warns the CLIENTS that when the courier company delivers the products, it is not authorized by the COMPANY to allow the CLIENT to open the packages prior to signing for receiving them, but only after that and only after paying their equivalent value. Payment order: Payment by payment order takes place only according to the proforma invoice issued by the COMPANY, following the phone confirmation of the order by a sales consultant. The merchandise is delivered after payment confirmation. Aside of the case when the COMPANY and the CLIENT agree otherwise, the COMPANY waives the risks and liability connected to the products and services ordered by the CLIENTS at the time of delivering them to the courier company according to an agreement, or to the CLIENT’s representative.

The COMPANY will ensure that the goods are adequately packaged and will make sure that all the accompanying documents are sent to the CLIENT. The COMPANY will deliver the products and services on the territory of the European Union. The ownership on the products and services will pass on to the CLIENT at the time when it pays for them.

4. RETURN POLICY According to the legislation in force, the consumer is entitled to notify the seller in writing that he or she waives the purchase, without any penalties and without having to call for a reason, in 10 business days of receiving the product or in the case of service provision, of concluding the agreement. Thus, the consumer is entitled to return the product he or she has purchased without any penalties and without having to call for a reason, in 10 days of receiving it, while having to bear the direct return expenses. We would like to draw your attention on the fact that if the products whose returning is requested have damaged or incomplete packages, wear and tear signs, scratches, blows, missing accessories or missing warranty certificates, we reserve the right to decide whether to accept the returned item or to subtract an amount of the value of the product, amount that will be indicated to the client after assessing the damages. If the client uses the legal right to return the product, the COMPANY will reimburse its value in 30 days at the most of the return. Exceptions: 1) The next product categories cannot be returned: a) Products made to order; b) Products customized; c) Products that given their type cannot be returned or can spoil or can spoil fast. ASSIGNING AND SUBCONTRACTING The seller can assign and/or subcontract to a third party for services connected to fulfilling the ORDER, while informing the CLIENT, but without the need to receive his or her consent. The COMPANY will always be liable before the CLIENT for all its contractual obligations.

5. DELIVERY TERMS The COMPANY will deliver the products during the periods mentioned on the WEBSITE for the product ordered, on the date of generating the ORDER or in 30 days at the most of the date when the CLIENT generated the ORDER, except for the case when the parties agreed otherwise. If it cannot fulfill the AGREEMENT because the product or the service is not available/is no longer available, the COMPANY will inform the CLIENT on that unavailability and the moneys paid by the CLIENT for the unavailable product or service will be reimbursed in maximum 30-day time. If the delivery terms cannot be observed, the COMPANY will notify the CLIENT on the estimated term for completing the delivery. If the COMPANY receives wrong information on invoicing or delivering the products, the COMPANY can refuse to deliver them without that being deemed breach of the AGREEMENT or it can set out a new term for sending the order.

6. CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY The COMPANY processes personal data by collecting the personal data from USERS/CLIENTS, which are needed for fulfilling the AGREEMENT. It is bound to observe the provisions of Law no. 677/ 2001 for protecting the natural persons on processing the personal data and the free circulation of such data. The data obtained by the COMPANY will be stored in its database and the COMPANY will do everything in its power for protecting them against their accidental or illegal destroying. For fulfilling the AGREEMENT, the COMPANY will send the personal data it has collected from the CLIENTS to the courier company that will deliver the products, as well as to the bank offices by which the online payments will be processed.

7. LEGAL INFORMATION LIABILITY OF THE COMPANY The COMPANY cannot be held liable for any loss if that was caused by not observing these terms and conditions/ the AGENT and the other instructions indicated on the WEBSITE. Also, the COMPANY is not liable for the damages created as consequence of the WEBSITE being out of order, as well as for those damages that derive from the clients not being able to enter certain links that could be accessed from the WEBSITE. The COMPANY is not liable for any kind of damages that the CLIENT or any third party can incur as consequence of the COMPANY fulfilling any of its obligations, according to the AGREEMENT, and for the damages that derive from using the products and the services after their delivery and particularly, for the loss of products. WARRANTY All products sold on the WEBSITE, except for the resealed ones, benefit of the warranty conditions according to the legislation in force and commercial policies of the producers. The products are new, in their original packages, and come from sources authorized by each producer. If a product does not have a warranty certificate, the client must notify the company in maximum 48 hours of receiving the merchandise by sending an email to Any subsequent notice will be disregarded. As purchaser, the CLIENT is bound to become aware of and observe the provisions of the Warranty Certificate. On the contrary, he or she might lose the warranty right. FORCE MAJEURE None of the parties will be liable for not fulfilling its contractual obligations if that was due to a force majeure event, according to the legislation in force. GOVERNING LAW – JURISDICTION The Romanian law governs the AGREEMENT. The possible litigations between the COMPANY and the CLIENT will be solved in an amicable manner or if that is not possible, the litigations will be solved by the Romanian courts of law near the COMPANY’s office. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS All materials integrated in this WEBSITE are the intellectual property of the COMPANY. Such materials cannot be copied or reproduced, except for the period when they must be seen online. However, the WEBSITE’s complete pages can be printed only if meant to be used for personal purposes. Without disregarding the general applicability of those indicated previously, the COMPANY can occasionally provide the possibility to unload background images, screen savers or other utility software from the WEBSITE. 8. PROCESSING THE PERSONAL DATA Personal data means any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable person is a person can that be identified directly or indirectly, particularly by referring to an identification number or to several factors specific to his or her physical, physiological, psychic, economic, cultural or social identity. Processing the personal data is any operation or operations that are made on the personal data, by automated or non-automated means, such as collection, registration, organization, storing, adaptation or modification, extraction, reading, using, revealing to a third party by sending, dissemination or in any other manner, joining or combining, blocking, erasing or destroying. The COMPANY registers only the personal information provided voluntarily by the visitor/ USER/ CLIENT. According to the requirements of Law no. 677/2001 for protecting the persons in connection to processing the personal data and the free circulation of those data, as it was amended and completed, the COMPANY is bound to administer the personal data that the USERS/CLIENTS provide, in a safe manner and only for the specified purposes. We ensure the confidentiality of the personal data of the collaborators according to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on protecting the natural persons as regards processing the personal data and the free circulation of such data and for rescinding the Directive 95/46/CE (General regulation on protection of personal data– GRPD). The COMPANY observes the right to data confidentiality of each person that enters the WEBSITE. The COMPANY will not collect personal data on USERS/CLIENTS (name, address, phone number or email address) (hereinafter named “Personal Data”) except for the case when the USERS/CLIENTS themselves communicate those data. By registering on the WEBSITE/placing an ORDER and completing the personal data in the registration forms, the USERS/CLIENTS declare to agree for all their personal data to be registered in the COMPANY’s database and expressly unequivocally agree for all their personal data to be stored and used for • marketing activities by receiving information or commercial messages (offers, promotions, advertising or marketing messages on the COMPANY’s activity or that of third parties with which the COMPANY has any kind of relations) on the email addresses indicated to the COMPANY; • participating in competitions and promotions; • sending non-commercial or administrative messages (on WEBSITE changes, administration, etc.); • internal statistics required for improving the quality of the services provided and the image of the WEBSITE and for creating some new characteristic elements, functionalities, promotions and new services; • for ensuring the access to limited-access sections on the WEBSITE; • following the sale information. The COMPANY can make such information known to its dealers and agents for the activities indicated above. The COMPANY will not reveal any kind of information on the USERS/CLIENTS of the WEBSITE without first holding their express consent concerning that. However, at the same time it can reveal personal information and data when that is expressly provisioned by law. According to Law no. 677/2001, the USERS/CLIENTS benefit of the right to be informed (article 12), to access the data (article 13), to intervene (article 14), to oppose (article 15), not to be subject to an individual decision (article 17), and to go before a court of law (article 18). At the same time, they are entitled to oppose the processing of the personal data concerning them and to request that those data be erased. For exercising such rights, any person can submit a written petition, bearing a date and signature, to the COMPANY’s office. According to a written petition, bearing a date and signature, sent to the address of the COMPANY, the USERS/ CLIENTS can freely exercise the next rights: – once a year, to receive a confirmation of whether their personal data are processed; – to intervene on the data sent; – to oppose the processing of data due to well-grounded legitimate reasons connected to their private situation. Any person is entitled to oppose the processing of the data concerning her due to well-grounded reasons. That right to oppose can be excluded for certain processing provisioned by law (e.g. processing made by the financial and tax departments, the police, justice, and social security). As consequence, that matter cannot be indicated if the processing is mandatory. Any person is also entitled to freely oppose the processing of her personal data for direct marketing purposes without any substantiation. You can find more information on AUTOMATED NON-PERSONAL DATA COLLECTION In some cases, it is possible that the COMPANY collects non-personal information on its USERS/CLIENTS.

Examples of such information are: type of browser used, operating system of the computer used and name of the WEBSITE’s domain from where the WEBSITE connection was made. During the WEBSITE seeing, the COMPANY will be able to store certain information on the USER/CLIENT’s computer. Such information will be a “cookie” file or a similar file. Those “cookie” files help the COMPANY build a WEBSITE or advertisement that would better meet the interests and preferences of the USERS/CLIENTS. By using most Internet browsers, the “cookie” files can be erased or blocked or a warning may be given before receiving such a file. The COMPANY recommends to the USERS/CLIENTS to read the instructions of the browser or the help file for more information on those functions. SC ADIX TECHNIK SRL is registered in the Personal Data Processing Registry. General Registry Number 0001909.